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Simple Sofa Style Tips

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A well styled sofa is the best way to create a designer look in your living room and throw pillows are the easiest way to update your décor and make your sofa the star it deserves to be.

Don’t Be So Matchy Matchy
No one worries about matching their shoes to their bag anymore so don’t get bogged down trying make throw pillows match your sofa or each other for that matter.

Get Touchy Feely
Vary textures like linen and velvet or fur and leather to elevate your look to luxury. This is also a good way to create some interest if you are opting for a more uniform colour palette.

Pile It On
For a full and luxurious look don't be afraid to pile on the pillows. You could place up to five pillows across a three seater sofa, and mix up shapes and sizes to really fill it out.

Say Yes to Colour and Patterns
Layering different shades and patterns is a good thing and decorators do it all the time. You can mix prints with other prints too, just pick prints within the same colour family to anchor the look. A bright slash of colour on a pillow can bring contrast and life to an otherwise neutral or sombre room.

A Seasonal Approach
With spring so sweetly in the air, you may want to brighten your living room. You can easily update your look by swapping out heavier textured fabrics and darker hues for lighter linens and cotton blends in fresh colours. A pastel palette is perfect for spring, but you can go for brights and patterns for bolder look that will take you into summer.

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