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Small Space Living Tips

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The smaller your space, the more daunting the decorating and furnishing process can be. Every single piece requires thought and needs to be carefully considered without a trace of sentimentality. The task becomes less intimidating when you follow these helpful tips.


Do you sometimes feel like your home could be featured on an episode of Hoarders? Do not despair, a small living space can quickly feel claustrophobic and cramped with even a small amount of clutter. Mercilessly get rid of stuff, you really don't need it and you'll get used to feeling good about every bag that goes to St Vinnies or the council clean up.

Mirrors on the Wall

Using mirrors is a wonderful way of creating the illusion of space and can be one of the best weapons in your small space arsenal. You can choose a large mirror that is a statement piece, group some smaller mirrors together or even cover a whole wall with a mirror.

Furniture that Doubles as Storage

When space is limited, furniture needs to pick up the slack and become extra functional. Think about a bed that has carefully hidden storage, a sleek entertainment unit with added compartments or a stylish ottoman that conceals blankets, throws and "stuff". A chic buffet enables neat storage by design and does not have to be confined to the dining room.

Minimalistic Furniture

Minimalistic furniture that leaves empty space feels light and airy, and will make your space feel less cramped and more calming. We love this console table with clean lines and this glass coffee table with its sleek, modern style.

Use Colour with Care

Relax, you don’t need to fashion your small space like a white padded cell. While white and light tones can create a feeling of tranquility and space, you can include toned down primaries with neutrals. A monochromatic look with feel more serene, so try to use patterns sparingly.

Sofa Appeal

You may only have room for one sofa, so you're going to want to make the best choice. The Lucca sofa is a winner - elegantly neutral colour, cosy and inviting design and clean, modern lines. We have a range of sofas suited to your small space.

You may still long for more space, but you can make your small space warm, efficient and charming.

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